How The Internet Ruined Love

i love chelsea, she’s fantastic.

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“Just one more second,” I say, pushing my laptop away from myself even as I keep typing, “This is really important.”

My boyfriend sighs. He knows, just as much as I do, that there is nothing important about this. Someone said something nasty on Twitter, or someone wrote an article that I have to hate-read, or an old acquaintance just got engaged on Facebook and, good God, was their jeweler blind? It all kind of blurs together, a tepid soup of frustrations or righteous indignations or morbid curiosities that fill and disappoint you like emotional fast food. I give them attention because, on some level, I imagine that there is something very essential that I’ll miss if I don’t. With so much information — so many things to get a rise out of me — it feels impossible to ignore.

Even when there really is something pressing, when it has…

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How To Make A Guy Who “Doesn’t Do Relationships” Commit To You In 12 Simple Steps

The article was apparently written as a satire, but I think the general points are interesting to think about, as many different books are written on how to act exactly like this…

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What makes me eligible to write about this subject? Lets just say my friends call me both the man-slayer and juliet, because I have mastered the art of making the non-committer, commit. Here are my tips of how I made a certain 23 year old frat boy, who never had a girlfriend in his life, because he was too busy being a lady killer, turn stage 5 on me:

1. Let him know you are of value.

Honey, he isn’t ever going to meet a girl like you again. Let him know that in a confident way! For example, when the 23 year old asked me to hang out and go out to beer pong with him and then still didn’t know what was going on at 10PM I changed the plans. I kindly said, “Since everything is still up in the air, why don’t we plan to do something…

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